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12:16am 01/02/2004
  Once again I've lacked the inspiration to update this, cause I spend way to much time changin my layout and what not on dead journal. I havent seen Jeremy on much lately and Daniel is being an asshole it seems. Billy, is I think, trying to get in my pants lol, and Nate is just well..being Nate, I've had some interesting conversations with him. And my other Nate (nathan) well...its hard to tell with him sometimes. I wish I knew more. I wish I had esp that would be cool. I went to the mall today I got 2 shirts one says "I love you...I love you not" in some kinda bloody creepy font and the other says "young and angry" and then I got some black and pink cons. Yes Jeremy, I do believe I got new ones before you. But how would I know? you never talk to me anymore *cries* anyway I loooove your layout, how did you do that? anyway I guess I've updated enough for today, I will seriously try to keep this updated since its the only way a few people can read up on me, since my deadjournal is friends only.

Random nothings...   
02:13pm 30/12/2003
mood: blah
safetypinz and hot pink starsCollapse )

I went and got the top of my left ear pierced again, dont know why, I just felt like it I guess, I talked to Jennifer last night for awhile, I cant wait to go to Cali it's going to be so much fun.

I do not understand her, Melyssa that is, She pretends to be my friend, all the while, she hacked my fucking computer and played it off like she didnt know anything about it, I congratulate her on that because for a week I believed her, Of course this happened while I was pissed off at Tiger, and then he wrote about these sheep thing that he had on his computer, avatars, and I had to write him, because it was right, and tell him I got it, well we put two and two together, and realized Melyssa had hacked both of our computers, She fried his computer.... My tongue hurts, I ate something hot, stupid me and it like burned it or something I guess lol stupid me.

So Jeremy, when do I get my movie and Captain underpants? hmm?
oooh another one   
10:49pm 29/12/2003
  well its kinda hard to keep up with deadjournal and live journal as you can tell Deadjournal gets more attention from me. anyway Jeremy stealthebanana finally gotta girlfriend, I am so proud of him :). Hes awesome, and he deserves the best , but i still owe him a story and he owes me a movie...that is if he can do that now that he has a gf and all, she might not like it..but we're just friends *rolls eyes* I dont know if shes like that, but shes gotta be cool if he likes her.

Davey is being weird, he was in this mood when i called him and didnt talk to me much, he confuses me sometimes. Fuck guys they are good for.....nothing...

anyway I'm outta here.
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First entry   
07:08pm 16/12/2003
  So this is my first entry, I'm basically on dead journal but I am going to use this to talk about what I really want to talk about without the fear of someone reading it that I don't want 2 read it. Mostly everyone who reads this knows me so I don't really need to make any kind of introduction. I personally think this is too bright for me, but I guess its cause I've been with dead journal for two years, I dont know. Anyway thats it for my first entry I guess.